Khatiwada to direct Bollywood film

Khatiwada to direct Bollywood film

Khatiwada to direct Bollywood film

Jun 14, 2018-Kiran Khatiwada, an actor and director from Jhapa, will be directing Bollywood movie, Tujhsa Zameen Pe Kahaan. The legal procedures have been completed and the shooting is slated to start very soon, Khatiwada said.

The movie is being produced by Inspire Media House, Khatiwada’s private production house, in collaboration with Jiya Marahattha.

The total production cost of the movie is estimated to be around INRs 35 crore. While Khatiwada, the director himself, will feature in the lead role, two new actresses Sisam Malla Thakuri and Dimple Kharel will also feature in the movie. The movie will be shot in various districts of Nepal and in 29 states of India.

Khatiwada, 30, previously directed Nepal’s first Santhali language movie, Bonodal, which won seven awards in various film festivals organised in India. Santhali is a language spoken by Satar community, an endangered ethnic minority people who reside in Jhapa and Morang.

Published: 14-06-2018

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